Expo Services

Expo systems are well known for reliability and generally give long, trouble-free service. With close to 9,000 motor systems, more than 16,000 small purge systems and 2,500 enclosure systems in the field, Expo works with its customers and channel partners to manage this significant and growing installed base.
Every system that we sell has a unique serial number so that we can identify the exact product and configuration that was originally supplied, and track any changes, wherever in the world it may be installed.
Furthermore, as we operate in a safety-critical industry, we maintain extensive records of each product supplied for every project. That means repeat orders for system expansions and upgrades are easily managed.

Our lifecycle management services include:

  • Installation and commissioning support
  • Routine maintenance
  • Spare part supply
  • Remote support
  • In-field or factory repair, directly by Expo or via an accredited service partner
  • System upgrades and retrofits
  • Legacy and obsolete system management

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